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Video Lessons for Kids Ages 2 Years - 6th Grade

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Centerpoint Kids Lessons for Sunday, August 2 will be available right here this whole week!

Your family's physical and spiritual health are a priority to us. Every Sunday morning we will update this page to have the Centerpoint Kids Lesson ready and available to you.


Kids Age 2 Years - Kindergarten

Story Focus: I am wonderfully made in God’s image. We will kick off the month teaching preschoolers that they are made in God’s image. God put thought and love into every single part of them. Not only did He make their curly red hair or their chocolate brown eyes, He also made their brains to think awesome ideas and learn cool things. He made them with the ability and heart to help others. He made them creative so they can build and sing and imagine.
God Bless,
Ms. Katey


Kids 1st - 4th Grade

The theme for August is Indescribable. This week we talk about how there is no limit to God's creativity! We're going to focus on the Creation story from Geniesis 1-2:3.

HWY 56

Kids 5th & 6th Grade

These next few weeks we will be watching videos from 252 Kids from Orange Curriculum. We are dedicated to coming alongside and equipping your students to focus on their faith at home.