updated 7/8/2020

Q. Is there Kids Ministry on Sunday mornings?
   A. Not at this time. We will provide packets for kids with things they can do while in the service.
Q. Is there childcare available on Sunday mornings?
   A. Not at this time.
Q. When will you reopen Kids Ministry on Sundays?
   A. When we know what public schools plan to do.
Q. Can my kids have the juice or snack I brought for them in the service?
   A. Yes, but please only in the Café!
Q. What about Middle School and High School students?
   A. They are meeting on Sunday mornings at 11:00am upstairs in the student ministry rooms in the Family Life Center.
Q. Do I have to reserve a seat for Worship?
   A. Yes, it is the only way we can monitor and maximize our limited seating.
Q. How do I reserve a seat?
   A. CLICK HERE to see the available services. Sign up for the service you wish to attend and choose your seat(s).
Q. What if someone doesn’t have access to the internet?
   A. Contact the church office and they can assist with the registration.
Q. What if I didn’t make a seat reservation?
   A. Please see one of the ushers and let them know you did not sign up for a seat online and they might be able to find a seat for you.
Q. Why can’t I just sit where I please?
   A. We are practicing social distancing for the protection of others and reserving a seat is the best way for us to monitor and maximize our seating.
Q. What if forgot which seat I reserved?
   A. Just see an usher -- he or she will have a print out of which seat you reserved.
Q. Is there live preaching at both of the services or do they watch a video?
    A. There is live preaching at all of the services.

Q. Will there be singing?
    A. For the weeks of 7/12 and 7/19 our Session has voted to comply with the state’s ban on singing during worship.
Q. Will there be an offering plate passed?
    A. No, we won’t be passing a plate. We do have an offering box in the Lobby or we encourage you to give online.
Q. Can I bring my own coffee (drink) into the service?
    A. Yes, but only in the café.
Q. Will the choir sing?
    A. Sorry no, the choir will not be meeting until we no longer have to practice social distancing.
Q. Are we going to take communion?
    A. We will take communion on August 2. However, we won’t be passing a plate--we will have individual servings of the bread and the juice for you. (They will be put on your seat for you that morning.)
Q. Do I have to wear a mask inside?
   A. Yes!
Q. What if I didn’t bring a mask?
   A. We have masks available for you at the Information Table or in the Lobby.
Q. When will we go back to normal?
   A. None of us really know when that will happen – we are just trying to embrace the "new normal".
Q. Where do I sign up for…?
   A. You can sign up on our website or on our app.
Q. What app?
   A.  Our church has its own app. Go to the app store you use to download your apps and search for “Roseville Centerpoint Church”.
Q. What about future events like Fall Festival, the Christmas Concert, or Night in Bethlehem?
   A. We are not sure what will happen but we are working on alternatives.
Q. Has anyone in the church been diagnosed with Covid 19?
   A. Not that we know of.