Service Registration

Registration for Sunday Services are Closed

A Message from Pastor Jim about Sunday Worship

Dear Centerpoint Family,

By now you have probably heard that the Governor has closed worship services in Placer County.  We are all very discouraged and frustrated by this turn of events so soon after we had just started getting back to worship onsite. We are hoping that Placer County can flatten the spike in the next three weeks and we can resume onsite worship.

Until then we will continue to have online worship for you. It has music, prayers, and a message and is available anytime on Sunday (remember the message is one week behind so if you were onsite last Sunday you may want to choose a different message from our media library). We also have daily devotionals for you as well.

As soon as we resume services we will let you know. However, it will still be required of us to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and reserve a seat. Please know our staff and leadership are praying for you and for this whole situation, and don’t forget to join in prayer with the whole church at noon every day.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Jim