People of the Word: 2024 Reading Plan

For the week of April 21 we are reading days 112-18

For the week of April 14 we are reading days 112-118

2024 Reading Plan

Join Centerpoint as we read through the Bible this year!

As we spend this year reflecting on how we might continue to grow as People of the Word, what a wonderful opportunity to consider reading through the entire Bible in one year. This Bible reading plan goes through the Bible from Old Testament to New Testament with a Psalm included each day for slowing down and meditation. I invite you to make the commitment of reading through the entire scope of God’s Word.
Reading the Bible in a year provides many benefits that some of our devotional readings might miss. Reading the Bible in a year takes us to books we might otherwise overlook. Every book in the Bible is the inspired Word of God and as such we should read them. Taking a year to read the Bible in its entirety allows us the opportunity to back up and observe the full picture. We see the larger story of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation in the midst of all the individual stories. The Bible contains a beautiful story of God’s redemptive history of humankind. Reading Scripture will nourish you, provide comfort, and work in your transformation into the likeness of Jesus. Don’t miss this chance to read Scripture with your church family!
Below you will find a link to a PDF with the reading plan and embedded links to videos and blogs to enhance your bible reading. There is also a link to a wonderful app that includes this information. You can then choose to read the Bible passages in the app or still read in your personal Bible. Don’t do this alone. Find small group members, friends, and family to do this with together!