Disbelieving Belief

May 5, 2024

Speaker: Gilbert Foster

Recorded Live on Sunday, May 5 at 9:00am

Gilbert is Co-Founder of “When I Grow Up,” a Christian humanitarian organization. He is also the Executive Minister of “Growing Healthy Churches,” a network of 140 churches in Northern California and NW Nevada. Driven by a love for the Gospel and the world, he specializes in making people think and ask questions others prefer to ignore - especially questions about God, Faith and Life. Being a true Scotsman he leads with tenacity and courage never giving in to societal norms or those who say it can’t be done. Known for his love to debate and discuss, Gilbert never stops reading and researching – some believe he is able to read two pages of a book at the same time! Educated and trained in both finance and theology he is one of the lucky ones to have a balanced right and left brain—a stickler for detail yet a fun guy to sit and visit with. Gilbert & Bethany have too many kids to remember all their names with a baby due in June 2024. They reside in Fresno, California. Follow him at @wiguglobal.