Centerpoint Kids Lesson

Video Lessons for Kids Ages 2 Years - 6th Grade

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Centerpoint Kids Lessons for Sunday, January 10 will be available right here this whole week!

Your family's physical and spiritual health are a priority to us. Every Sunday morning we will update this page to have the Centerpoint Kids Lesson available for you.
In-person Kid's Ministry is now available Sundays! Make sure to register ahead of time to reserve spots for your family.

Early childhood

Kids Age 2 Years - Kindergarten

January's theme is Out of This World. Who is amazing? Jesus is amazing!
Jesus does the amazing and heals a man who couldn't walk after his four friends carry him to see Jesus! Let's take a look at Mark 2:1-12 to learn more.
Remember this: "Everyone who heard him was amazed." Luke 2:47, NIV.


Kids 1st - 4th Grade

The theme for January is Rules for Life: Play well. Finish strong.
This week we're going to take a look at the Bigger Barns in Luke 12:13-21.
Remember: Share what you have!

HWY 56

Kids 5th & 6th Grade

We hope you enjoy The So & So Show videos from 252 Kids from Orange Curriculum! We are dedicated to coming alongside and equipping your students to focus on their faith at home.